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  1. We are here for our customers, who want a quality product, at a fair price, and with timely delivery.

  2. Our priorities are:

    • Safety & cleanliness

    • Quality

    • Production

  3. We are consistently trying to improve, with the goal of becoming the best hot-forged upsetter in North America. 

  4. We firmly believe that we help keep the world on track by each employee doing their job. We will succeed together or fail divided.

  5. We strive to do things right the first time.

  6. Good systems get good results.

  7. Details are crucially important.

  8. We do what we say we will do.

  9. We treat each other as we would like to be treated, with honesty, respect, trust, fairness and care.

  10. We have no tolerance for any type of dishonesty, fighting, malicious damage to property, discrimination or harassment.

  11. Our company is made up of positive, honest and energetic team players. We don’t keep people with good skills, but a bad attitude.

  12. Disagreement is OK here, even with a leader. No one is always right. We all need and want input from others before making decisions.

  13. We recognize that the road to success is paved with mistakes and failures. To be successful, we must focus on the objective and not be afraid of failure. When mistakes or failures happen, we take responsibility, apologize if necessary, learn from the experience and do our best to prevent the mistake from happening again.

  14. Variety in work is important.

  15. Trust, but verify.

  16. We provide people with the right tools and the right training.

  17. Work is fun!

  18. Learn, then do, then teach.

  19. Eliminate waste; add value.

  20. We plan, organize and prioritize.

  21. Work steady; bust your brain, not your butt.

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