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Lewis Bolt and Nut Employees Volunteering

La Junta Pride

Lewis Bolt and Nut's manufacturing facility resides in La Junta, Colorado; a small town of 7,000 in Southeastern Colorado. Since relocating the plant from Minneapolis to La Junta in 1992 Lewis Bolt and Nut has diligently focused on giving back to La Junta and surrounding communities. Initially promising La Junta 50 jobs over the course of three years, Lewis Bolt now employs over 300 people from La Junta and the surrounding areas.

Along with creating jobs, Lewis Bolt retains a strong workforce by setting high standards for potential employees as well as providing endless opportunities for employee appreciation and recognition. As an employer, Lewis Bolt offers its employees an outstanding benefits package, as well as a competitive profit sharing/bonus program for those who have worked for the company over one year. Employees are valued and rewarded for positive attitude and merit. This is evident with the company’s low turnover rate of 2% after three years of employment.

Since moving its operation to La Junta, Lewis Bolt and Nut has each year increased its number of employees beyond projections and has most years added on new facilities to enhance the scale of their capacity. They have been a shining star within the framework of our local businesses. Mark Paper and his administration have been exemplary in working in partnership with the city. Thanks much for your great efforts in improving the vitality of our community.  – Lynn Horner, Mayor of La Junta

Lewis Bolt and Nut owner Mark Paper jumps into frigid Lake Minnetonka to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project

Lewis Bolt and Nut Owner Mark Paper

The safety and health of employees is the number one priority at Lewis Bolt. The company teams up with Pinnacol Assurance and the Colorado Safety Association for continual training and educational opportunities. Additionally, the company wellness program for employees allows them to spend a monthly allowance on any wellness-related activities. Included in this program are yearly cardiovascular health screenings and hearing tests from the city health department.


Adding to healthy community activities, Lewis Bolt recently cosponsored and helped plan La Junta’s first ever Color Run 5K race and plans to continue this every year. This run interests many first time 5K runners and promotes healthy activities, fun, and exercise in the Otero County area. Lewis Bolt is an employer and community centered business. In addition to providing numerous employee benefits, it is also proud to be highly involved with the local community and is constantly seeking ways to show the community how much it appreciates them. Lewis Bolt has a long standing tradition of philanthropy, donating to a wide range of local charities, fundraisers, memorials, and benefits.

Lewis Bolt and Nut Color Run Sponsor

Over 80,000 pounds of food has been distributed to Associated Charities from Lewis Bolt and its employees –winning the local competition between businesses each year since 2004. Furthermore, last year Lewis Bolt joined See the Change, an organization committed to student advancement in Science and Engineering. As part of this program Lewis Bolt welcomed hundreds of 8th grade students from all around the Arkansas Valley for tours and showed them how engineering and science is used in the manufacturing process.


Lewis Bolt is also a sponsor and active participant of Girls in the Middle, a seminar for middle school that promotes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics participation among girls. Recently, Lewis Bolt sponsored the first ever Robotics Program for fourth grade students in the neighboring town of Swink. Mark Paper, President and CEO of Lewis Bolt and Nut, regularly participates in a wide range of charities in Minnesota, including the ALRC polar plunge into Lake Minnetonka (near Minneapolis) each New Year’s Day with donations going to the Wounded Warriors Foundation. These programs will continue to be part of the Lewis Bolt legacy.

Lewis Bolt and Nut Volunteer

Lewis Bolt is a forerunner in the green business movement. It has partnered with Clean Valley Recycling to promote environmental initiatives and greater sustainability. Lewis Bolt is constantly thinking of ways to recycle and reuse products and waste. Over the years Lewis Bolt has proactively turned to recycling and repurposing all pallets, cardboard, plastic, cartridges, oil totes, oil, and machine parts. All steel used in the manufacturing process is from recycled material, and all scrap steel is recycled – down to the smallest steel shavings. Lewis Bolt’s trucks now use Green Safe motors, reducing emissions by 15%. Moreover, Lewis Bolt has also avoided the use of Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten, and Gold in all manufacturing processes, as to not support conflict mineral extraction in the Congo.

Environmental issues continue to drive Lewis Bolt. It is constantly innovating new products, processes, and systems to be more efficient and less harmful to the environment. Our customers are consistently seeking ways to reuse hardware and materials associated with railroad production. Lewis Bolt reacts to their feedback and has created several patented inventions which were in response to this appeal for environmental responsibility. Lewis Bolt’s innovations are focused on the ability to reuse the products with minimal environmental impact while manufacturing them.

While we have made great strides in creating a workplace that is rewarding, socially and environmentally conscious, we recognize that there is much more we can do. Lewis Bolt continues to work with feedback from its employees, stakeholders, and the community to develop resolutions for the pressing matters of safety, environment, and social responsibility.

Lewis Bolt and Nut is a proud sponsor of La Junta's Early Settlers Day

Lewis Bolt and Nut Early Settlers Day 2016

The Lewis Bolt and Nut Heavyweights Team won the 2016 Tug of War competition in support of the Arkansas Valley Resource Center 

Lewis Bolt and Nut Arkansas Valley Resource Center
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