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Patented Quick-Set® Hook Bolt System



Introducing the new Lewis Patented Quick-Set® Hook Bolt System

  • When ordering add 3" to typical Hook Bolt length to accommodate the required bracket. 

  • Very fast installation - as little as 5 minutes or less per bolt.

  • Very safe installation - no more lying on hot creosoted ties, or worse using a bucket over the side to install traditional hook bolts.

  • No more drilling of holes! - This commonly causes cracks and shortens the life of the expensive bridge tie.

  • You obtain full grip of the flange. Previously with drilled holes, the bolt would often sit away from the flange putting high stress on the bolt.

  • Because the new Hook Bolt is angled inward by 15 degrees, you have virtually no lateral or vertical movement of the deck.

  • Optional built in tie spacer going down, and two high strength lag screws installed on top hold ties in position.

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