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Specification: AISI 1030

2 Pitch Quad Lead Thread


-Now Even Better!

-Longer Full Body

-Clean Transition to Threads

-New Lower Fins

-Easily driven with converted automatic spiker - RETIRE those costly lag machines.

-Up to 2-1/2 times faster than traditional lagging machine, reducing downtime for windows on active track.

-QUICKLY driven with portable spikers or even a maul!

-Double head design allows quick removal with spike puller.

-Slow orders due to slow lagging is VIRTUALLY ELIMINATED with the Evergrip®.

Rectangular Double Head

Lewis Part: SG2DR

Evergrip G2
The Next Generation of Evergrip!

G2_blue bkgrnd.jpg

Images Below - Click to Enlarge

Rectangular Single Head

Lewis Part: SG2UR 

Images Below - Click to Enlarge

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