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Lewis LT-1 Drive-On Rail Anchor

Lewis LT-1 Drive-On Rail Anchors:
- Meets or exceeds the latest AREMA Standards
- Approved at Class 1 Railroads
- Longer tail provides easier removal with less chance of damage to rail base
- Sizes available to fit various rail sections
- Made in our facility in La Junta Colorado
- Meets the "Buy America" Requirements
- Over 100 million in track

LBN Part Number       Width of Base         For use on Rail Sections*

ANRBH60                                          6"                                  141, 140, 136, 133, 131

ANRBH55                                         5-1/2"                            110, 112, 113, 115, 119

                                                                                       *Call or email for sizes not listed

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