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Viper-1  Rail Anchor (Patented)

Lewis Viper-1 Rail Anchor:

  • Meets and Exceeds AREMA Chapter 5, Section 7.1.4. Req.

  • Superior Holding Power 9,000 lb min. vs. 6,000 lb (AREMA 7.1.4 Part B)

  • Increased Life Cycle - designed to last the life of the rail

  • Reusable - can be removed and reapplied multiple times because of improved stiffness of the anchor jaw

  • Increase Tie Life - Double the bearing surface area against the tie – prevents anchor movement and damage to tie surface

  • Two (2) Dedicated standalone anchor plants

  • Can be installed by hand or automated anchor applicators

LBN Part Number       Width of Base         For use on Rail Sections*

ANVIP60                                         6"                                  141, 140, 136, 133, 131 


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