Evergrip® Screw Spike

Now available in 7”, 7-1/2”, and 10” Lengths!

U.S. Patents 6,808,120 & 6,471,140

Now, the biggest selling screw spike in North America is available in a 10” length for large bridge ties accompanied by thicker tie plates. In addition, the Evergrip is also now available in 7” as well as 7-1/2” lengths.

Easily driven with converted automatic spiker RETIRE those costly lag machines.

Up to 2-1/2 times faster than traditional lagging machine, reducing downtime for windows on active track.

QUICKLY driven with portable spikers or even a maul!

UNIQUE tie-grabbing fins lock like bear claws preventing back out.

Double head design allows quick removal with spike puller.

Slow orders due to slow lagging is VIRTUALLY ELIMINATED with the Evergrip®.

Evergrip® Screw Spike

AISI 1030 2 Pitch Quad Lead Thread

SSEPR - Rectangular Double Head

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SSEUR - Rectangular Single Head


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